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How a Swiss Bank Fights Fraud and...

18 Jul 2017

When providing a good customer experience is critical to business success, it needs to extend beyond simply interacting with a web portal.

Join us in Costa Mesa: BPM & ECM

12 Jul 2017

It's the S4i Technology Lounge. Come meet the experts on Document Imaging/Capture, ECM and BPM

bpmNEXT 2017 - the videos are here

30 May 2017

See the video of Miguel and Lio's demo on blockchain and BPM here, along with all the other presentations

Debunked! 5 myths about “low code” it’s time to let go of

02 May 2017

Low code methodology is sometimes misunderstood. To help others avoid making bad decisions based on myths, Bonitasoft Technical Evangelist Lionel Palacin offers to debunk some of them

The Aragon Research Tech Spectrum™ for Digital Business Platforms

11 Apr 2017

The Aragon Research Tech Spectrum™ for Digital Business Platforms, 2017: Accelerating Digital Benefits is available now from Aragon Research.

BPM with Blockchain at bpmNEXT

04 Apr 2017

Bonitasoft CEO Miguel Valdes Faura and technical evangelist Lionel Palacin will be presenting at bpmNEXT, with this year a focus on blockchain and BPM.

BPM Skills in 2017 - hot, or not?

14 Mar 2017

Zbigniew says, it's not your Daddy's BPM.

Non-Negotiable Usability

22 Nov 2016

How to make sure you have achieved the minimum usability in your software release,  to avoid user rejection...and foster adoption? Bonitasoft's usability expert shares some not-so-secret...

User adoption and efficiency - why "engaging UI" is a Bonita BPM priority

13 Sep 2016
An application is only as good as its users – and if they don’t adopt it or can’t use it well, there’s no net advantage. Here's how Bonita BPM makes development of engaging user interfaces a top...

Thoughts on "The economic essentials of digital strategy"

09 Aug 2016
Be the inevitable disruptor in your world - don't wait for someone else to arrive and eat your lunch

User-Centered Design methodology reflects dedication to added value

28 Jun 2016
As Bonitasoft is applying a user-centered approach company-wide, R&D tells their part of the story.
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