Defining the Next Generation of Process Innovation

18 Apr 2017 | 9:00am PST 18 Apr 2017 | 6:00pm PST
Location: California, USA
Language: English

Now in its fifth year, bpmNEXT is the definitive showcase of the next generation of Business Process Management software – including intelligent operations, the Internet of Things (IoT), case management, business decision management, and goal-directed processes.

bpmNEXT has consistently been the defining launch pad for the ideas and innovations surrounding technology-led business process innovation. Presentations are not case studies of past successes, but vision statements on where we need to go next.

This is no typical “how to” conference aimed at BPM newcomers. It is designed specifically for those already chest deep in BPM and wanting to get in early on the next generation of process innovation technology – touch it, see it, and influence it.

bpmNEXT 2017 is better than ever! With over 20 leading-edge demos including the full gamut of technology spearheading the next wave of process innovation, combined with the “Business of BPM” workshop featuring insight from BPM’s most prominent and influential analysts – Neil Ward-Dutton, Sandy Kemsley, Clay Richardson, Jim Sinur, Nathaniel Palmer and Bruce Silver.

And we will have Miguel Valdès Faura speaking about blockchain. 

"Blockchain technology is enabling a paradigm shift in how companies do business by providing a new way to exchange assets. Blockchain is indeed much broader than Bitcoin and can be seen as an immutable, unhackable distributed database of digital assets. There are growing number of Blockchain implementations in different domains such supply chain management, digital voting, cloud storage or IOT network, to name a few. 

This session will illustrate different use cases in which blockchain and BPM technologies can support and strength each other. We will demonstrate how Bonita BPM platform and Chain Core technology can be combined to create blockchain apps. We will also cover how to perform intelligent queries on any part of a Blockchain transaction and how Smart contracts and their underlaying processes can benefit by the use of BPM technologies."

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