The Consumer’s Guide to Selecting a BPMS (Part 2)

28 Jan 2013 - Mickey Farrance

Part 2. What should you ask during a BPMS demo?

A demo of a potential BPMS vendor’s product is useful to see the product in action.  When possible, ask your potential supplier to show you the specific features, functions, and scenarios you would like to see demonstrated. That sounds pretty obvious, but underneath that simple request is the notion: Can you easily adapt the standard demo with your software to show me what I asked for? If that’s possible, then in addition to seeing what you want to see, you may have learned that customization wasn’t that hard to do!

Even better, ask to see how that customization was done.

The second part of the BPMS Buyer’s Kit, “What to Ask during a BPMS Demo,” expands on 10 topics you should ask about when engaging one-on-one with a potential vendor, with some specific questions in each:

1. Installation of the product, and getting started with it2. Tools for business analysts (how non-programmers can use the product, alone and in collaboration with the technical team)3. Out-of-the-box functions, and custom coding tools, for executable process design4. Integration of your specific critical system requirements5. Customizing the end user’s experience to the desired look-and-feel6. Rapid iterative development and how to do quick deploy for testing and feedback7. Tools for monitoring the process, and for collecting & displaying metrics8. Adding, configuring, monitoring end users in processes9. Version control, change control, impact of proposed changes to production processes10. Other customers your vendor already has in your industry, performing similar type of processes, with similar sizing requirements, and so on

In your own experience, have you found other key questions to ask during a demo that have helped your decision-making process?