Bonitasoft joins Eclipse Foundation

03 Mar 2014 - Mickey Farrance

Bonitasoft is now a member of the Eclipse Foundation and a sponsor of EclipseCon 2014. And we're sending R&D engineer Aurelién Pupier and Bonita Community Manager Antoine Thomas

Bonitasoft has joined the Eclipse Foundation, an open source community dedicated to the establishment of extensible development and application frameworks.

Joining the Eclipse Foundation strengthens Bonitasoft’s commitment to open source and open standards. Eight years before he co-founded Bonitasoft, CEO Miguel Valdes Faura co-founded an open source BPM community, the Bonita Project. Miguel and his team at Bonitasoft later commercialized the technology. Today, Bonitasoft works with our open source community to deliver a unique ecosystem of connectors for nearly any application, giving customers access to the most powerful, flexible process improvement solutions on the market.

“We appreciate the work the Eclipse Foundation does helping technology companies adapt to a fast-changing industry, and we wanted to be a part of it,” said Miguel. “Today, we are formalizing a relationship that we have had for many years. Our hope is that more sharing will accelerate innovation from both organizations. ”

Marking its tenth birthday as an independent, not-for profit institution earlier this month, the Eclipse Foundation currently hosts nearly 250 Eclipse projects and counts many of the IT industries largest companies among its more than 200 members. The foundation’s mission has broadened to support a wide range of open technologies Java server runtimes, modeling and tools for the Internet of Things.

“We are happy to have Bonitasoft join the distinguished group of companies and individuals that are dedicated to Eclipse’s model for open, extensible development,” said Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation. “We look forward to collaborating with Miguel and his team on the promotion and development of best practices in the technology industry.”

Bonitasoft’s ties to the Eclipse community precede its formal induction into the foundation. For many years, Bonitasoft engineers have spoken regularly at Europe and U.S. EclipseCon conferences, and several members of the company’s R&D team actively contribute to Eclipse projects.

Bonitasoft’s Bonita BPM Studio is built on different Eclipse technologies. The company’s engineering team completely customized the Eclipse IDE to build a BPM studio that process designers and software developers find intuitive and easy to use. Further, Eclipse technologies have helped Bonitasoft create a software connector framework that allows for wizard-based development directly in the Bonita Studio with easy integration to process-driven business applications.

Bonitasoft is a sponsor of EclipseCon 2014, the foundation’s annual conference, being held March 17-20 at the Hyatt San Francisco Airport hotel.

NOTE: Join Bonitasoft R&D Engineer Aurélien Pupier for 2 presentations (Time-to-Build and Test Results 3x Faster: How We Did It, and Take Advantage of the Memory Analyzer Tool inside your Continuous Integration), and stop by to visit with Bonita Community manager Antoine Thomas at Bonitasoft's booth at the Sponsors exhibit area.