Bonita BPM and SharePoint: a perfect match for your connected enterprise

Efficient collaboration remains a challenge for many organizations! Solutions such as Office 365 or SharePoint are often only a part of the solution. Without proper governance, chaotic use of SharePoint’s features can quickly transform an organization into a mess.

In this webinar, Aprico experts ​will explain​ ​how the Bonita BPM workflow engine can automate and structure the use of SharePoint.

​You will see, with a concrete example:

* How SharePoint users can use Bonita BPM transparently
* How to combine Bonita BPM forms and SharePoint Web parts to create user-friendly interfaces
* How to use Bonita BPM connectors and SharePoint REST API’s to automate the creation and encoding of websites and​ MS Excel and Word documents, using data provided by the users
* Which architecture to deploy in order to support SSO authentication in both applications

​W​e will ​also ​systematically compare Bonita​ BPM and Nintex, a .NET based solution with a reputation of integrating easily with SharePoint, on various aspects:

* Time to market
* Required skill set
* Training
* Technical complexity
* Maintenance of the deployed solution

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