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Bonita BPM

The Open Source
Business Process Management suite

Connecting people, systems, and day-to-day work using a BPM Suite has never been easier.

Try its advanced BPMN 2.0 functionality, easy-to-implement connectors, and ultra-scalable Java engine.

Bonita BPM makes the job of building process-driven business applications faster than ever!

Bonita BPM


Involve business stakeholders with IT in process modeling. With BPMN, it's easy to create a process model together.

Build, optimize, test

Build and test process models in actual environments. Simulate alternate models to optimize your processes.


Use the rich set of connectors to connect processes to existing information systems with minimal custom coding.


Executable design lets you transform a visual process model into a complete application.


Use monitoring and reporting to ensure that processes and people are operating at peak productivity.


Clustering capability for complex architecture and flexible Bonita Portal for mobile and desktop users.

BPM Infinite Put BPM process power in the hands of people
Bonita BPM Studio

Bonita BPM Studio

Design an executable process model quickly with BPMN2. Start with a visual design, define data management, add connectors to external systems, and design user forms.

Bonita BPM Portal

Bonita BPM Portal

The end-user interface for mobile and desktop allows your people to fully manage their work - they can break up a task, delegate all or parts of it, or complete it and move on.

Bonita BPM Engine

Bonita BPM Engine

The Bonita BPM Engine easily handles large, high-demand processes with a large transaction volume in a complex environment.

Community and Subscription Editions

See the features provided in Bonita BPM Community Edition, and compare with the advanced capabilities that come with Teamwork, Efficiency, and Performance subscriptions.

Compare editions Community Teamwork Efficiency Performance

Modeling & development

Design a process model quickly with drag-n-drop BPMN2 graphic elements. Even a non-technical manager can start with a simple design, then collaborate easily with developers to extend and complete the process model.
BPMN2 process modeling BPMN2 process modeling        
Design your workflow model with Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) 2.0. Use basic or advanced notation
Collaborative process modeling Collaborative process modeling        
Share a process model and bridge the gap between process owners, stakeholders, business analysts and developers
Import and export process models Import and export process models        

Import process models defined in BPMN2, JBPM, XPDL, ARIS (and, with all subscription editions, Visio). Export process models and exchange with other BPMN2 compliant systems

Decision tables Decision tables        
Define business rules for workflow in decision tables without the need for coding or external business rules
Model validation Model validation        

Check your process model for errors and fix them during design

Team collaboration - BPM repository Team collaboration - BPM repository        

Save, organize, and archive your processes in a central repository

Create process documentation Create process documentation        

Generate complete documentation of your business process in the format of your choice (.doc, .ppt, .html, .pdf)

Complex data management Complex data management        

Manage your process data in multiple formats including Java Objects, XML, and attached documents

Profile management Profile management        

Define what information and actions are presented to which category of end user in the final application

Business data management Business data management        

Define your own specific Business Data Model with simple and complex business objects and use it in multiple processes

Custom modeler and developer profiles Custom modeler and developer profiles        

Use default modeler or developer profiles, or define custom profiles, to display only the Bonita BPM Studio features you need

Business process templates Business process templates        
Customizable application templates for HR, Corporate Finance, Quality, IT, and more leverage Bonitasoft’s expertise from hundreds of BPM deployments
Externalized process parameters Externalized process parameters        

Define business and technical parameters so they can be modified after application deployment

Connection to Information Systems

Web and Java APIs connect your processes to existing Information Systems and databases. If you can't find the pre-built connector to your particular IS - create your own, or find it in the Bonita Community.
Connectors to external systems Connectors to external systems        
Select from among a rich set of built-in connectors to both proprietary and open source systems such as CRMs, databases, Web services, and more
Connector development wizard Connector development wizard        
Develop and test your own connectors in Bonita BPM Studio
Advanced SQL Wizard Advanced SQL Wizard        
Use the SQL wizard to graphically “draw” your requests by browsing database tables and selecting the fields you want to combine. Avoid tedious manual queries than can introduce errors
Advanced Web services wizard Advanced Web services wizard        

Use the Web services wizard to define XML requests by browsing the Web Services interface (wsdl file). Less time, fewer errors

Advanced wizard Advanced wizard        

Get connected to system and list all available objects and fields. This also includes a Query Builder based on’s SOQL query language for fast query building to minimizing potential errors

Advanced SAP Wizard Advanced SAP Wizard        
Use an advanced wizard for the SAP connector to search and configure complex SAP data graphically. Efficiency and Performance also provide access to the SAP documentation

Organizational structure and actor mapping

Define the organizational structure of the people involved in managing and completing a process. Complete or change it easily from Bonita BPM Portal even when the process is in production.
Define organizations Define organizations        
Define users and groups directly with Bonita BPM, or connect with existing directories (LDAP, Active Directory, and more)
Actor mapping Actor mapping        
Map the actors defined in the process to your actual organization
Import and export organizations Import and export organizations        

Apply changes to your organization structure without the need to deploy another version of the process. New organization structure can be uploaded directly to Bonita BPM Portal and applied immediately

LDAP synchronization LDAP synchronization        

A configurable LDAP synchronization tool automatically and regularly updates user profiles and groups based on an LDAP or Active Directory organization

Form and application design

Create web forms for end user interface for your process application. Use drag-and-drop widgets to define form fields, data handling, validaton of data entry, and more.
Simple Web forms editor Simple Web forms editor        
Drag-n-drop in widgets to create simple web forms and add field verification
Customizable look & feel Customizable look & feel        

Easy customization of your BPM application - Web forms and Portal - with your corporate templates and logo

Save and re-use forms Save and re-use forms        

Define common forms or widgets just once, save, and re-use them many times across different processes

Dynamic Web forms designer Dynamic Web forms designer        

Create web forms with dependencies among fields, hidden fields, dynamic field filling from a database, dynamic page re-ordering, pre-built validation rules, and more

Simulation & Optimization

Use process data to tweak a process to optimize efficiency. But before making changes, build and simulate alternative process models. Implementing a brand-new process? Use simulation before you let it fly.
Simulation Simulation        
Simulate process execution with parameters such as cost, duration, resource consumption, calendar, and identify candidates for optimization
Process optimization Process optimization        

Get clear indications on how to improve your process by generating detailed simulation reports

Test, Execution & Deployment

Service-based architecture improves process performance to easily handle large and complex processes.
Asynchronous execution Asynchronous execution        
Use asynchronous execution to avoid process instances being blocked because of pending tasks
Java and REST APIs Java and REST APIs        
Available APIs include Java-based APIs, EJB3 and REST for custom application development and easy embedding
Multi-environment management Multi-environment management        

Set-up multiple execution environments such as development, test, pre-production, and production - optimize the time it takes to go live

Configurable engine logs Configurable engine logs        

Improved error logs provide better information about runtime failures - speed development and decrease downtime with faster, easier troubleshooting

Multi-tenant management Multi-tenant management        

One platform serves multiple independent companies/entities (tenants). Each tenant is isolated and contains its own users, processes, reports, look & feels, etc.

Clustering Clustering        
Ensure high availability of your BPM platform with clustering

Applications in production

Complete applications can be deployed on an application server and serve up web forms for end users. Manage processes directly from Bonita BPM Portal.

Business application generation Business application generation        

Generate a fully operational process-based application in one click

Bonita BPM Portal Bonita BPM Portal        
The fully redesigned end-user interface allows people to fully manage their work - they can break up a task, delegate all or parts of it, manage "to-dos" according to due dates
Document management Document management        

A powerful document management repository to manage and version documents associated with processes

Process data search Process data search        

Find a process case with specific criteria among a large number of deployed and archived processes. Use the search function to search for processes and process cases in natural language

Sub-tasks Sub-tasks        
Break up global tasks into smaller to-do's which can be delegated to others, for more flexibility and unanticipated issues handling
Custom Portal user profiles Custom Portal user profiles        
Use out-of-the-box profiles for User, Admin, and Process Manager with specific Bonita BPM Portal views, or add customized profiles to grant specific users access to any of these views
Custom Portal pages Custom Portal pages        

Create additional pages to add to any of the out-of-the-box User, Admin, or Process Manager views

Business data search Business data search        

Search for business data in Bonita Portal. End users can easily find cases with specific data entries (i.e. purchase order number, ticket id, requester name, etc)

Mobile Portal Mobile Portal        

Complete tasks from any mobile device, including smartphones and tablets

Error management Error management        

When an error occurs with a technical component or an external connection, the failure is flagged and the engine log available so you can quickly identify the issue, fix it, and replay the failed step

Live parameter update Live parameter update        

Modify process parameters "on-the-fly" without the need to interrupt service, modify the application model, or deploy another version of the process application

Monitoring & Reporting

Follow your processes and report on business intelligence

Custom KPI's Custom KPI's        

Define your own KPIs and couple them directly to business processes. Visualize data externally with graphical tools such as BIRT or internally with Jasper Reports

Custom reports Custom reports        
Deploy custom Jasper Reports in Bonita BPM Portal to monitor your process and business data

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Bonitasoft consultants are experts in Bonita BPM and BPM best practices. They have helped customers around the world successfully implement a wide variety of processes. Get an accelerated start with Bonitasoft consulting services.


Proof of Concept

Demonstrate one or more functional and technical aspects of Bonita for your specific case. Lessons learned can accelerate your project development.

  • Duration: 3-20 days
  • When: Evaluation phase
  • Where: At your site or remotely
  • How:
    • define requirements and priorities for POC
    • build a model
    • create a demo
    • report results

Platform installation (standard or custom)

Install the pre-packaged execution platform, or do a custom install with architecture for high availability and multi-tenancy.

  • Duration: 2-10 days
  • When: Dev or production phase
  • Where: At your site or remotely
  • How:
    • validate system components
    • validate prerequisites
    • install and configure application server, database and Bonita BPM
    • configure LDAP or Active Directory security (optional)
    • validate and document
    • report results

BPM Architecture Assistance

Support for your technical architecture definition, with recommendations for best practices on distributed and high availability architectures.

  • Duration: 3-5 days
  • When: Dev or production phase
  • Where: At your site
  • How:
    • conduct workshop with technical leads
    • diagram and describe proposed architecture
    • diagram Bonita components
    • produce technical architecture diagram

Technical Account Manager

Follow best practices to build business applications. Align projects with standards and constraints. Recommended for organizations with several projects.

  • Duration: 1-5 days per month, over several months
  • When: Development phase
  • Where: At your site or remotely
  • How:
    • document architecture
    • conduct wokshop
    • supervise and support Bonitasoft consultants

Process Modeling Assistance

Model and begin automating your business processes with Bonita, with understanding of BPMN and best practices.

  • Duration: 3-30 days
  • When: Development phase
  • Where: At your site or remotely
  • How:
    • BPMN workshop
    • business analysis workshop
    • modeling workshop
    • prototype process
    • validate process

Development Assistance

Optimize your Bonita API integration, process development, and connector development.

  • Duration: 5-50 days
  • When: Development phase
  • Where: At your site or remotely
  • How:
    • determine delivery schedule
    • develop specifications
    • guided development
    • workshop for knowledge transfer

Technical Expertise

Get help with process development, implementation and integration, with specific attention to your identified issues.

  • Duration: 2-30 days
  • When: Development phase
  • Where: At your site or remotely
  • How:
    • priotitize technical issues
    • custom guidance on best practices
    • validate solutions

Look-and-Feel Assistance

Get help with your end user forms, Bonita Portal, or Bonita User Experience Look and Feel.

  • Duration: 2-5 days
  • When: Development phase
  • Where: At your site or remotely
  • How:
    • validate graphical requirements
    • build look and feel

BAM/KPI Reports Assistance

Configure reports and dashboards using business and process data.

  • Duration: 2-10 days
  • When: Development phase
  • Where: At your site or remotely
  • How:
    • Define KPIs
    • Build report tables
    • Build and validate reports

Development Audit

Get help with code improvements, platform performance, platform scalability, process maintainability, and application security.

  • Duration: 2-5 days
  • When: Development and implementation phase
  • Where: At your site or remotely
  • How:
    • infrastructure diagnosis
    • server configuration diagnosis
    • development review
    • recommended best practices for your case

Performance Audit

Get suggestions for technical improvements to reduce access time to web interfaces and reduce process execution time.

  • Duration: 2-5 days
  • When: Development and implementation phase
  • Where: At your site or remotely
  • How:
    • infrastructure diagnosis
    • server configuration diagnosis
    • server configuration tuning
    • development review
    • recommended measurements


Ensure continuity for migration of existing processes and their instances from Community to Subscription edition.

  • Duration: 3-10 days
  • When: Production phase
  • Where: At your site or remotely
  • How:
    • validate system components
    • install / configure Java and AS
    • install, configure and validate Bonita SP components
    • Migrate existing processes and their instances
    • Validate existing processes
    • Shut down Community edition platform


Master Bonita BPM through training. Whether you’re new to Bonita BPM or an expert user, a technical user or a manager/analyst, our professionally delivered training courses will maximize your productivity.

3 days

Process Modeling

Model processes and optimize interactions between business and IT teams.

For managers who need to work with IT to implement organizational processes; analysts and others who need a full view of Bonita BPM 6 and its impact on their IT systems.

  • Use Bonita BPM to model processes
  • Learn BPMN notation and best practices
  • Learn techniques for effective collaboration between business and IT
  • Learn how processes interact with Information Systems
  • Learn how a complete project is developed end-to-end

Prerequisites: None.

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3 days

Business Process Application Development

Design, connect, develop and deploy processes and web applications.

For software developers, programmers, software engineers who will:

  • develop complete processes
  • connect models to external IS
  • automate processes
  • execute the details

  • Be comfortable using Bonita BPM to model processes
  • Be familiar with BPMN notation and best practices
  • Be able to draw and interpret process diagrams
  • Be able to develop and deploy processes for end users
    • with connections to external systems
    • with customized forms
    • with customized web applications

Prerequisites: Some Java programming experience. Process Modeling course not required.

Find a class
2 days

Advanced Integration

Understand architecture, integrate Bonita BPM with external applications and web portals. Ensure effective interaction with other IT systems.

For Java developers, technical architects, integrators who will deploy Bonita BPM and processes in applications other than the Bonita BPM-provided web apps.

  • Understand Bonita BPM architecture
  • Be able to develop with the Bonita BPM API using the client API with
    • Java
    • HTTP / REST
    • EJB3
  • Be able to integrate Bonita BPM in an application
  • Understand how to integrate Bonita BPM in a web portal

Prerequisites: Experience with JEE platform and Java programming. Process-Based Application Development Training is required.

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2 days


Master administration, users and groups with Bonita BPM. Understand different Bonita deployment architecture options. Be able to deploy and manage process life cycles.

For anyone with a profile in systems admin, with experience of network admin and system architectures.

  • deploy processes, designed in Bonita BPM Studio, into production
  • configure end user access, rights and privileges
  • manage processes as they are running, including data
  • update and modify live processes
  • implement Bonita BPM upgrades and migrate live processes
  • manage full process life cycles (deployment, execution, update, archive)

Prerequisites: None.

Find a class
1 day

Bonita BPM 6 Upgrade

Understand the features and changes in Bonita BPM Version 6, and be able to migrate processes from V5 to V6

For anyone with a profile in Information Technology: software developers, programmers, software engineers.

  • understand what’s new in Bonita BPM 6, and what’s changed
  • learn how to migrate a process from Version 5.10.X to Version 6
  • understand new actor management functionality
  • understand behavior of new BPMN conformant elements
  • understand other improvements in Bonita BPM Studio
  • understand how to use parameters in Bonita BPM Studio and Portal
  • use Bonita BPM Portal application

Prerequisites: Familiarity with Bonita Open Solution Version 5.10.X.

Find a class

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Process Modeling - Remote (English)

01 Dec 2014
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Advanced Integration - Remote (English)

01 Dec 2014
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Business Process Application Development - Remote (Spanish)

01 Dec 2014
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With a Bonitasoft subscription you have access to the expert knowledge of our global support team. Available across multiple time zones, they have direct access to Bonitasoft's R&D.

Dedicated Customer Support portal Customer Support portal    
Support is available through the Customer Support Portal, which provides access to subscription-related resources depending on your subscription.
Support coverage Support coverage 9am to 5 pm on business days 24/7
Business hours are determined according to the time zone associated with the subscription and include 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday.
24/7 coverage is independent of time zone
Severity 1 initial response time Severity 1 initial response time 3 business hours 2 hours
The severity level is a measure of the impact of the technical issue on your systems or business.
You set the severity level of the issue.
Number of assigned customer contacts Number of assigned customer contacts 2 5
Designate multiple people as official point-of-contacts; with passwords to the Customer Portal.
Each will have unlimited access to BonitaSoft Support
Number of requests Number of requests unlimited unlimited
As long as your Service Agreement is in effect - every request you make gets a response.
Online resources Knowledge base By request Unlimited access
Our knowledge base details all the known issues for multiple configuration and environment types.
Phone support Phone support
Call the Bonitasoft Support Center directly