Couldn't make it to our Process Efficiency World Tour in 2013?

Did you miss this informative and fun world tour? Or would you like to see some of the presentations again? Take this opportunity to review or share with others.

Here you can find the best practices to successfully conduct your BPM initiative, hear about organizations which have successfully deployed Bonita BPM, and see real applications developed with Bonita BPM 6.

From customer experience optimization to human resources management, Bonita BPM can fundamentally change the way you design and develop process-based applications!


Presentations - New-York City

Presentations - London

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Neil Ward Dutton

Neil Ward-Dutton
Research Director & Co-founder
MWD Advisors

Clay Richardson

Clay Richardson
Senior Analyst
Forrester Research

Loic Bocher

Loic Bocher
Founder & Editor
AllAbout BPM

Miguel Valdés Faura

Miguel Valdés Faura
CEO & Co-founder

Rodrigue Le Gall

Rodrigue Le Gall
Chief Services Officer & Co-founder

Charles Souillard

Charles Souillard
Chief Technical Officer & Co-founder


  • Jul. 30 Quito - Ecuador SOLD OUT
  • Aug. 01 Santiago - Chile SOLD OUT
  • Aug. 05 Bogota - Colombia SOLD OUT
  • Oct. 15 Brussels - Belgium SOLD OUT
  • Oct. 16 Amsterdam - Netherlands SOLD OUT
  • Oct. 22 Los Angeles, CA - USA SOLD OUT
  • Oct. 24 London - UK SOLD OUT
  • Oct. 29 Rome - Italy SOLD OUT
  • Oct. 30 Geneva - Switzerland SOLD OUT
  • Nov. 05 Madrid - Spain SOLD OUT
  • Nov. 05 New York, NY - USA SOLD OUT
  • Nov. 05 English Virtual Conference SOLD OUT
  • Nov. 13 Paris - France SOLD OUT
  • Nov. 19 LATAM Virtual Conference SOLD OUT



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