Administration Training - Public (Spanish)

Bonita BPM version: 7
Spanish | Online
Desde 2 a 4 Mayo 2017, 15:00-18:30 CEST

Duration: 10.5 h

Application server administration knowledge

The purpose of this 3-day training is to enable the trainee to administer (monitor and manage) processes designed and deployed with Bonita BPM.

This training is designed for the system administrator who needs to:

  • deploy processes, designed in Bonita BPM, into production
  •  configure end user access, rights and privileges
  • manage processes as they are running, including data
  • update and modify live processes
  • implement Bonita BPM upgrades and migrate live processes
  • manage full process life cycles (deployment, execution, update, archive)
When the 3-day training is completed, trainees will:
  • be able to interpret process diagrams modeled in Bonita BPM
  • understand how Bonita BPM components interact (Bonita Studio, Bonita User Experience, web applications, Bonita Execution Engine)
  • be able to deploy Bonita BPM processes into a production environment
  • be able to define users with appropriate roles, rights, and privileges
  • understand how to monitor processes in production with Bonita User Experience
  • understand how to monitor the Bonita Execution Engine
  • be able to update a process already in production
  • understand how to migrate a running process to a new version of Bonita BPM (Bonita Studio, Bonita User Experience, web applications, Bonita Execution Engine)

Price: 1200€

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