Business Process Application Development

Duration - 3 full days (onsite) or 5 half days (online)

The purpose of this training program is to enable the attendees to use Bonita BPM to develop a simple process-based business application with a basic user interface

This training is suitable for developers who have:

  • Knowledge of Java
  • Some knowledge of web technologies like HTML, JSON and Javascript
  • Some knowledge of web services such as REST

When this training is completed, attendees will be able to:

  • understand all the building blocks needed to build a process-based application with Bonita BPM
  • model business process using BPMN and associated best practices
    • basic BPM elements like pool, lane, activities, gateway etc.
    • advanced BPM elements like events, sub-processes, multi-instances etc.
  • understand and define actors for the process
  • model and manage business data efficiently
  • connect the application to external systems using the suite of connectors available in the product
  • use the UI Designer to develop basic user interface
  • deploy, run and manage the application from the Bonita BPM portal
  • get introduced to how to create a fully personalized business application

Our training program for developers is designed, with an iterative approach, to first provide an end to end introduction of the Bonita BPM platform and then solidify the foundation with the capabilities available to build a customized application that can adapt to changing business needs.

In Business Process Application Development (BPAD) training, you will cover the necessary foundation. To learn how to leverage the platform capabilities to create a complete process-based business application with personalized user interfaces that can be updated live, developers need to also complete the second phase, Advanced Integration (AI).