Human Resources

The cost of HR departments is under more scrutiny than ever before. In response, managers need to ensure their processes are efficiently managed and measured: recruiting, on-boarding, payroll, performance reviews, vacation requests, etc.

However, processes are implemented differently from one organization to another, and packaged HR applications are both costly to acquire and implement and often inflexible. In addition, the various processes are dependent upon other departments and systems. Bonitasoft Solutions for Human Resources are easily customized to ensure your process-driven applications perfectly fit your organization’s requirements.

Our Solutions Include:

  • Employee Onboarding Prepare for arrival of new team members by notifying other departments (payroll, IT, facilities, etc.) to provide everything  to ensure new hires can be productive on Day 1
  • Employee Leave Management Deploy online PTO forms to better manage vacation requests, validate and approve requests more quickly, and insure business continuity during vacation periods
  • Recruitment and Selection Aimed to help HR Managers identify qualified applicants, publicize open positions on job boards and better manage the interview and feedback process
  • Employee Performance ReviewSimplify the performance review process by automating the development of evaluation criteria, distributing evaluation forms, organizing interviews, and collecting the results