Public Sector

To improve public access to and satisfaction with public services, governmental agencies are looking to BPM for automation and better integration across departments

“Until now, it was impossible to have a real-time view of our dynamic membership. We have chosen to deploy a scalable Bonita BPM solution to better manage the membership process, both online and mobile."

Patrice Salsa, Head of Information Systems, CFDT

Provide better public service by offering more services online.

Simplify day-to-day work for agency staff through process optimization.

Quickly and simply upgrade processes to meet new legislative guidelines.

Control and audit critical processes.


Why BPM?

Bonita BPM offers an application platform with powerful workflow capabilities and tooling to build easy-to-use, web-based user interfaces for citizens, constituents, applicants, external third parties, agency employees - and more.

Ministry of Agriculture offers a better user experience with e-government services

  • Single platform for customers of multiple agricultural institutions to access ~30 e-services
  • Single portal for submitting e-service requests, receive notifications, communicate with agencies
  • Platform allows sending data to back-end solutions, and uses data for simple administration within the platform
  • Platform is built to handle more than 650,000 e-service requests per year

National procurement agency: automating the national procurement administrative processes

  • Calculations of employee’s per diem payments for travel have been automated, allowing employees to focus on other responsibilities
  • Reduced amount of paper involved in processes; most request and approval is completed online and with digital signatures

And more

Information and events

  • Communications to / from the public
  • Manage events
  • Provide one-stop public services

Handle requests

  • Requests for appointments
  • Requests for permits
  • Requests for official notices, records, certificates
  • Requests for social services
  • Requests for administrative information

Public finance

  • Business and personal taxes
  • Payments for public services
  • Subsidy requests & authorizations
  • Funding requests and approvals

End-to-end internal processes

  • Manage employee status
  • Investment and financial decisions
  • Budget approval cycle
  • Request for proposal (RFP) and public tenders
  • Paperless processes

Success stories

Federal District Court of Mexico City

Formal disputes tracking

US Dept of Health & Human Services

care coordination services for patients in skilled nursing facilities

A marine agency

beter transparency during the commissioning and decommissioning process for materiel