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Looking to support DevOps? Bonita Continuous Delivery is here!

30 Jan 2018 - Mickey Farrance

Deploy your Bonita platform in minutes with Bonita Continuous Delivery

We’re delighted to announce the availability of a brand-new add-on for the Bonita application platform: Bonita Continuous Delivery.


You can use Bonita Continuous Delivery to prepare your full platform infrastructure for deployment and testing of applications before you roll them out to your users. If your DevOps needs faster, smoother provisioning, multiple environment deployments and better maintenance and license management, Bonita Continuous Delivery offering the Bonita platform as a service (PaaS) capability is here.

It comes with an official Docker image and extensible scripts, and is AWS-ready for deployment in a single stack or clustered environment. Use it to quickly deploy the Bonita platform in the cloud or on-premise through the entire application cycle, with the same standard DevOps tools from development through production.

Bonita Continuous Delivery is available with any Bonita Subscription Edition. Contact us today to learn more.

Tags: Devops