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- RT @pigbar : A Day in the Life of a Product Manager by @Gartner_inc - - RT @bonitasoft @romainserman : VC landscape in France changing rapidly. Time to raise series A, B decreased dramat… - - L’IA : un moteur d’amélioration continue des processus métiers via @LeMagIT

Are credit unions ready to do more...

14 Nov 2017

Some remain skeptical about the credit union appetite for blockchain technology.

BPM is not dead!

07 Nov 2017

Miguel opens the BPM2017 Conference with a firm, "BPM is NOT dead!"

Geek Inc & Bonitasoft present case studies with Bonita

10 Oct 2017

Derek Johnson and Ben Inkster of Geek Inc., displayed the versatility and adaptability of Bonita several case studies at our joint event in Montreal.

Looking forward to our webinars

26 Jun 2017

Bonitasoft webinars in July and beyond

Digital transformation results in added value for Coreso's customers

06 Jun 2017

Coreso realizes the value of true digital transformation by finding new ways to add value for its customers

Company Helps Eliminate Manual Reports, Automate Information Capture for High-voltage Electricity Systems' Security Operations

17 May 2017

How Coreso uses process-based applications to manage its resporting of electrical power generation and flow.

Verallia simplifies its IT landscape for innovation

11 Oct 2016

Verallia, the third global producer of glass packaging for food and beverages, offers innovative, customized and environmentally friendly solutions to more than 10,000 customers around the world...

VOO using Bonita BPM for its telecom customer subscription process

23 Feb 2016

VOO is using the Bonita BPM platform to orchestrate, automate and optimize the activation process for its customers’ TV and mobile subscriptions

EnerNOC powers up BPM to automate a core business process

19 Mar 2015

Bonitasoft business process management tool reduces errors, ensures process scalability

AREVA deploys Bonita BPM "Optimization Solution"

11 Mar 2015

Areva's implementation of Bonita BPM merits an announcement in Nuclear Plant Journal

Old Dominion U Streamlines Identity Management with Business Process Automation

23 Jan 2015

The implementation of Bonita BPM has reduced the turnaround time for account requests from three days to one, on average. See how in this article by Laila Meyer in Campus Technology.

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