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Vision & Values


Our Vision

At Bonitasoft, we believe that developers should be free to create the best business applications possible.  That means applications that are less costly, highly customizable, and far easier to adapt and update — so business users get what they want, without compromise.

Since 2009, we’ve focused on building a more open, more extensible, and more fun BPM platform to help developers and business users drive growth together, without the usual pains of the custom application development and the limitations of traditional BPM technologies.

We make developers heroes.


Our Values

  • Collaboration - We work as a team to achieve great things.
  • Excellence - We challenge ourselves and each other in every endeavor.
  • Transparency - We require honesty, responsibility, and openness at all times.
  • Meritocracy - We celebrate hard work and recognize amazing contributions
  • Our motto: Have fun with Bonita!


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