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August 26, 2021
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TechChat #2: REST API Extensions, when and how to use them?

Adaptive Case management with Bonita

Manage a mix of unstructured and structured tasks in any process.

Use adaptive business processes to provide the freedom to work on case management tasks that can't be defined in advance.


Adaptive Case Management with Bonita

Adaptive Case management is on the uprise within application development and greatly contributes to accelerating digital transformation.

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Bringing together the best

Bonita brings together the best of both business process management and adaptive case management by using the native flexibility of the Bonita platform and business rules to handle each case with its particular circumstances.


Admin ACM

Administrators / managers

can control who has the ability to create and manage tasks and process fragments.

Business rules

can trigger ad hoc tasks according to context, and determine when a task is presented and who can see and act on it.
knowledge worker

Knowledge workers

can initiate ad hoc tasks and process fragments.

Adaptive Case Management with Bonita

  • Offers dynamic modeling of all process possibilities in a unified environment

  • Manages structured data through Bonita's Business Data Management capability, along with unstructured data such  as PDFs and comments

  • Dynamic process actors, filters and profiles can be modified ad hoc

  • Customized user interface gives access to tasks according to context

  • Uses a Living Application for a seamless user experience connecting processes, business data and user interfaces.

call center ACM
Bonita ACM on tablet

Example: handling fraudulent purchase activity

A bank gets a call from a customer who has spotted a fraudulent transaction on their credit card statement. Handling this requires flexibility on the part of the manager as each incident of fraud has unique circumstances.

ACM on desktop

With an unstructured process and a generic Living Application, a bank manager can investigate, validate, and counteract the fraudulent activity. To learn more, watch Adaptive Case Management with Bonita.

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