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Arnsbo Media

Using BPM to improve labor-to-revenue ratio and audit complex processes

Arnsbo Media is the parent company of a number of subsidiaries that offer voice-over recording, video production, and multimedia marketing solutions. They needed a way to improve their labor-to-revenue ratio in a dense environment:  Arnsbo Media’s voice talent database includes more than 1,300 voice-over professionals providing services in more than 70 languages – with new languages and voice talents added on a regular basis.

In addition, their complex workflows for creating, syndicating, hosting and streaming large volumes of professional video for sharing on multiple platforms and devices are challenging to monitor and audit.

“We selected Bonitasoft’s BPM suite to improve our labor-to-revenue ratio and ensure that our workflows and processes are fully auditable,” said Søren Arnsbo, CIO and Founder of Arnsbo Media.

Arnsbo Media is using Bonita BPM’s flexible business process management solution to ensure operational efficiency. They are currently working with Bonita BPM to scale up their service delivery process to take on more clients.

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