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Optimizing CFDT membership management

CFDT, the largest labor union organization in France, has chosen to deploy Bonita BPM for better visibility into the dynamic state of union membership, and to support their membership online.

About CFDT

CFDT is an association of organizations with its headquarters in Paris. It includes 1,200 affiliated unions, themselves divided into 22 regional inter-professional unions, 15 professional federations, and 2 confederated unions. CFDT is the largest French union, with a total of 800,000 members, about 60,000 of whom change their status annually. Currently, 5,000 people use the CFDT information system, with 70,000 to be brought on board in the long term.

Operational needs and processes to optimize

CFDT decided to change its information system in 2010 to be in line with the objectives of the organization: to place the individual at the heart of the action and to support multiple, inter-related trade union organizations.

The complexity of the organization and the variety of its processes - paper and electronic - make it difficult to monitor many simultaneous member actions in real time. Each component of CFDT needed to get an accurate, detailed, current view of its members (with their status, region, business sector, and other pertinent information.)

The choice for Bonita BPM

Since May 13, 2013, Bonita BPM has provided the business process management solution CFDT uses in an application that manages online memberships.

To adapt to changes and allow it to be more responsive, CFDT has chosen to promote online registration using a simplified form available on its website. To subscribe online to CFDT, an employee subscribes directly to the central structure, which then transfers the membership to the appropriate union according to region and sector.

With Bonita BPM, CFDT can ensure that the application runs seamlessly, that employees are taken smoothly from initial connection through the transfer to the appropriate organization, and that they receive good information from their regional professional organizations. Each level of the CFDT has indicators and management tools that allow it to get a better overview of these new members signing up via the Internet.

Key Results

The Bonita BPM solution now offers a membership system online with a real back-office, and provides the tools to monitor the mobility of a member when transferred from one union to another as people change region or occupational field over a lifetime career.

This means that a change of activity or geographic region no longer requires a member to terminate membership in one union and re-register in a new union. The transfer process within CFDT is now automatic when the employee informs the current union of a change. The employee is placed directly in contact with the new union, and the new organization and / or its regional union are informed of the new arrival.

CFDT now knows, in real time, how membership demographics change due to occupational mobility, and what the current membership is according to geography and industrial / professional sector. This allows CFDT to adapt its activity to the day-to-day reality of its members, and to trends in the workforce in general.