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Corporation Service Company (CSC)

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See the most recent video with CSC's Tech Director, Chief Architect, and BPM Product Owner dicussing their experience and results with Bonita here.

About Corporation Service Company

Corporation Service Company (CSC) helps form corporations and LLCs, maintain their good standing in thousands of U.S. and international jurisdictions, and manage their annual reports, business licenses, permits and many other corporate filings. The company also serves as a registered agent for companies, protects brands online and offers financial solutions to help banks and commercial lenders conduct accurate UCC searches and filings, prepare and record real estate documents, and manage titles and real property.

Business Needs and the Process to be Automated

As a service organization that fulfills business needs for thousands of corporations worldwide, CSC prides itself on creating business processes that are easy for customers to execute. Whether it is helping legal departments maintain and manage sensitive data, or helping banks prepare important real estate documents, CSC positions itself as an organization that makes customer interactions seamless and effective.

To do this, CSC would develop processes for each customer interaction and then review and revise them based on the customer’s needs. Until recently, this posed a challenge: the company had no Business Process Management tools in-house, so it had no way to effectively model how a process would be executed. CSC needed a tool that would allow them to develop solutions on top of applications, and develop new architectures to facilitate process flows.

“Developing monolithic applications is a challenge,” noted Doug Farmer, IT manager and architect at CSC. “In the past, we didn’t try to model our processes because we didn’t have BPM tools in-house. We’d sit down and talk about the flow and process, but getting the job done would take a very long time.

CSC therefore needed a BPM solution. They sought a BPM solution that was easy enough for their business analysts to operate, but was also technical enough for their developers to easily create a sophisticated solution on top of a technology stack. CSC sought to be more agile and needed a tool to help them better collaborate.

The Choice for Bonita

CSC embarked on a four-month evaluation process to choose a BPM solution. The organization started by creating an evaluation matrix to narrow down the parameters of what was needed. Team members gathered public information on each eligible product, and with the help of a Gartner analyst, settled on an initial list of a dozen vendors. The team further researched their initial choices and determined whether their technologies would fit with CSC’s processes and information systems. The candidates were narrowed to a final list of three other BPM solutions.

CSC chose Bonita based on an overall scoring system that ranked this tool ahead of competitors in a number of areas. Bonita was the most intuitive and the easiest to build connectors with.

“Bonitasoft was in our sweet spot. In terms of the ease-of-process development, the accessibility of the technology stack, and the ability for us to reuse or clone solutions that we found useful, we felt the overall value was just what we were looking for. Bonita rose to the top” noted Doug Farmer.

Future Successes

One of the biggest advantages CSC saw in the Bonita BPM platform was its ability to seamlessly implement a large number of connectors. “Within the first week of evaluating Bonita, we had written and tested six connectors. Then we’d move to the next process. Within a week we were able to see the value of that connector framework” noted Doug Farmer.

CSC is working to implement a wide variety of connectors, including some that interact with JMS queues, others that receive messages from an email box, still others that push to and pull data from a database, several that connect to other internal services, and a number that tap into SalesForce and other back-end systems.

CSC expects to use the Bonita BPM platform to set up processes not only for internal users but for external customers. “Anyone who can ping our service from inside or outside will be interacting with Bonita in some shape or form,” Doug Farmer said.

CSC also cited the ability to measure success task-by-task as a key Bonita differentiator that will help the organization in the future. CSC plans to monitor a number of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with Business Activity Monitoring to better increase their productivity and efforts in working towards a greater customer service experience.

Download this case study : Enhancing the Customer Service Experience with BPM.