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EnerNOC is a leading provider of cloud-based energy intelligence software (EIS) and services to thousands of enterprise customers and utilities globally. While EnerNOC sells EIS for corporate energy management, part of its solution uses discrete software to drive a service called “demand response,” which enables companies to curtail energy usage in exchange for payment from energy suppliers. Examples of curtailing include dimming lights, adjusting the temperature in a store, or shifting a production line schedule to a different time of day.

Operational needs and processes to optimize

The company was growing at a rapid rate, expanding its demand response footprint in the United States and globally. Streamlining and automating the demand response dispatch journey was essential to ensuring smooth growth.  Additionally, EnerNOC’s legacy process relied on more manual/human control than the company wanted going forward – with less automation, there was a higher likelihood of an operator clicking on a wrong button, for example, perhaps dispatching the alert to the wrong company. If EnerNOC incorrectly asked a company to curtail, EnerNOC incurred the cost.

EnerNOC turned to Bonita BPM to automate processes that needed to be easily scalable and automated. Seamless execution is crucial to the success of their demand response program. It relies on Bonita BPM to keep track of every step in the process and ensure tasks are dispatched and completed.

Key Results

The operators that are running Bonita BPM are able to easily handle more of the traffic that goes through on the days when curtailing takes place than they were prior to the deployment. The company is able to scale better and there is less human interaction in terms of monitoring, reducing human error.

EnerNOC starting using Bonita BPM three years ago and has noticed that it is now able to take on new business – as it comes, it can scale to meet demand. Incrementally, adding one more program isn’t a huge step change. Instead of throwing something to a human, it’s hitting automated services that run software.

The elimination or reduction of human interaction within the orchestrated workflow has reduced the human error that can sneak in. The quality of the curtailment event has improved in that EnerNOC has predictable and well-execute curtailments during the day. The quality has improved and it is consistent.

With the help of Bonita BPM and other technologies, EnerNOC has delivered more than $1 billion in customer savings to date.

For more information

See this live interview with EnerNOC's Chief Architect Per Gyllstrom.

Network World Editor in Chief John Dix also published this written interview with Per Gyllstrom, focusing on the benefits EnerNOC has received automating core business processes using Bonitasoft technology.

In 2015, EnerNOC was selected as a Finalist in the WfMC Awards for Excellence in BPM and Workflow for their case study on the automation of energy management for their corporate customers.