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Hearst Media Services

Hearst Media Services offers affordable, turn-key marketing campaigns, by developing and managing sophisticated marketing packages to increase customer base and grow revenue. Partnered with many of the top online marketing companies and platforms, Hearst gives its customers the broadest portfolio of digital products available. From social media sites to the world’s largest search engines to digital marketing professionals, these partnerships yield quantifiable results.

Hearst Media needed an integrated, automated system to properly manage growing demands for complex order and product management across multiple end products. They decided to evaluate and re-construct the entire workflow system for each product to:

  • Distribute work and tasks appropriately
  • Reduce errors due to manual handling (missing orders, input errors)
  • Be able to find the real-time status of orders and fulfillment
  • Track status and track orders in process
  • Track, and improve, turnaround time
  • Integrate Salesforce, internal systems for products, and their existing SSO
  • Insure that deadlines, objectives, and goals are being met

As a result of the new Bonita process applications:

  • Brand new, efficient workflows were defined
  • Tasks are now being sent automatically to the correct individuals in the appropriate groups
  • The flow of work is smoother and trackable
  • The number of manual errors has decreased
  • Not as many audits are needed
  • Better Quality Control as the group has been well integrated into the automatic flow
  • Overall, the handling of customers’ services is more efficient – fewer people are needed to manage orders and products 

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