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Better telecom infrastructure and service delivery with BPM

Monitoring and measurement of Italian telecom service and infrastructure delivery, followed by automation of operational processes

Trentino Network, a provider of services to telecom retailers in Trento Province, Italy, has been working with Pensare I.T. on their IT infrastructure for wireless, fiber optic, ADSL, fixed telephone, and surveillance video services, video conferencing etc. They were very interested in adopting a BPM solution with Pensare I.T. for quality improvement.

“Trentino Network’s objective is clear: they want to better monitor and measure the quality of their service and infrastructure delivery, and to automate where possible to improve that delivery,” says Fabio Macuglia, President of Pensare I.T. Pensare provides IT engineering services across Italy.

Trentino Network and Pensare I.T. initiated an evaluation to help find the right tool for their needs. They began with six BPMSs, which were then narrowed to three, including Bonita BPM. The last two were evaluated with a simulation scenario based on their objective. While they were determined to be technically equivalent, Bonita BPM Teamwork Subscription was demonstrated to be the lower cost option over a 3 years project simulation.

Phase 1 of Trentino Network’s process improvement project will be aimed at improving service delivery monitoring. Phase 2 will increase process scope (e.g. including service assurance, change management etc.) and improve automation by interfacing BPM with corporate OSSs and BSSs.

The project has been started. Trentino Network and Pensare I.T. have defined KPIs and are currently collecting data to establish the current baseline for:

  • Process and subprocess duration

  • Activity backlog control

They expect to have enough data to complete the baseline in early 2014.

“BPM is now available not just for the big players, but also for mid-size players. The key to success for medium-size companies like Trentino Network is the use of BPM methodology and software together with a deep knowledge of the particular business domain. The technical implementation is one part, but this implementation also requires critical knowledge of the telecom industry,” says Fabio Macuglia.

“We have high confidence for the success of this project, and we’re looking forward to the results of the Phase 1 baseline data collection very soon.”

Download the case study Better telecom infrastructure and service delivery with BPM.