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Streamlining Scheduling Processes

A global company that specializes in workforce injury prevention, has for several years deployed Bonita as their preferred Business Process Management solution.

This organization helps their clients, from a variety of industries, reduce work related injuries and reduce costs associated with worker's compensation. Bonita is integrated in the custom versions of their injury prevention applications which suit the unique needs and processes of the company's many clients. These injury prevention applications are all built upon a six step process which is handled by Bonita.

The process starts when an employee submits a web request for a health related service using forms built on Bonita. Bonita uses complex business rules to set the priority of each request submitted by the employee, which is then assigned to a consultant. An activity is scheduled and the employee receives an eCalendar invitation. The consultant then performs an ergonomic assessment and completes a report which is sent to the employee and their manager. The case is then updated, and a survey is sent to the employee to set their case status as ‘closed’.

The company cited Bonita’s flexibility as a key strength. Bonita's backend, based on open standards, means that custom injury prevention applications can be built quickly and efficiently, thereby improving the satisfaction of their customer base. In addition to flexibility, this customer cited the ease with which they can build custom processes using Bonita Studio, and the fast web applications made possible by its easy-to-use form builder.