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VIS Insurance Ltd - Vátryggingafélag Íslands

Collaborative BPM For Managing Insurance Claims

The largest Icelandic insurance company, VIS, successfully deployed Bonita BPM to allow the management of 50,000 insurance claims every year.

Avout VIS

VIS (Vátryggingafélag Íslands) Ltd. is one of Iceland’s leading providers of non-life insurance services, offering a broad range of insurance products for individuals, families, companies, institutions and municipalities. VIS writes insurance policies to cover situations of risk within Iceland and a number of European countries, including the Nordic countries, the Baltic and UK.

Business challenge

VIS offers a complete set of insurance services in various segments such as property, marine, motor, liability, personal accident as well as reinsurance. Daily operations involved managing standard customer relations and claims, usually through manual processes. Communication within the organization was haphazard, with customer and claim information hosted in isolated information systems. This resulted in many cases not being responded to in time and information not being logged within the appropriate record.

According to Mr. Baxter, Department manager of Online Services at VIS, “We were still using some very laggard systems or manual tools such as excel spread sheets and email folders to operate those processes, causing many delays or missing information.” Also, there was no standard method for following up on the cases, not even mentioning the interaction and collaboration. It had become crucial to automate those processes to enhance overall efficiency, guarantee the insurance delivery and prompt responses for customers.

The scope of the project also encompassed a document management solution to eliminate the knowledge transfer gaps integrated within a collaborative portal allowing single access to customer information. To accomplish this, VIS wanted to create one user interface integrated with different systems built on Bonita BPM workflow capabilities to allow employees to access the whole lifecycle of a customer, follow up on tasks, interact with colleagues and monitor the overall management of claim cases.

Case Management Solution

Before choosing Bonita BPM, VIS evaluated various solutions from open source to enterprise versions, most of which were considered too immature or too expensive. VIS wanted a solution that would be mature enough for daily production with light cost, and also would be available in subscription pack and professional support to support their long term needs. Mr. Baxter said: “With its strong library of connectors that provides flexibility in integrating with other systems and unique process templates for developers, Bonita BPM exceeded our expectations.”
Additionally, VIS selected Bonita BPM because Bonitasoft frequently updated its release, maintaining the quality of the solution, and for its compliance with the BPMN 2.0 standard.

In VIS’ newly implemented portal, Bonita BPM powers the "Case Management Solution,” which automates processes such as claims requests, insurance and notification, and integrates with other systems such as an ERP, Alfresco for Document Management or Apache Solr for search capabilities. For instance, while viewing a vehicle case, all the related history of this vehicle such as the former insurance type, completed tasks for that record, employees involved etc., are displayed. The Case Management Solution can easily assign new tasks to different people within the organization and set priorities.

Deployed to 70 end users, the solution is expected to allow the management of about 50,000 cases on a yearly basis.

Efficiency and transparency

With Bonita BPM, VIS has already automated more than 45 processes that helped to successfully manage 819 cases within the first three weeks of operations. In addition, VIS can monitor the performance in a clear and simple way. “It’s not a big process but very nice one, which touches about 10 different systems in one form,” said Mr. Baxter.

The overall quality of the customer experience has also been improved through being able to send automated emails to clients giving explanations on why things are late and asking for additional information from clients simultaneously.

Improved knowledge sharing

By using Bonita BPM, VIS’ customer portal monitors the complete lifecycle of a customer and greatly improves knowledge sharing among all those involved in the process. Bonita BPM successfully synchronizes all the business events occurring in any system, providing everyone with instant access to updates and full information about any case. For instance, everybody has the ability to monitor the stage of a case and check whom tasks are assigned to.

“Bonita BPM enables us to develop our system into a wider solution. We used Bonita BPM again and again to synchronize and integrate with other systems, and that’s why we are extremely happy,“ said Mr. Baxter.

Expectations in the future

Although the project is still rolling out, the benefits achieved in the first deployment has encouraged VIS to continue using Bonita BPM. The next step is to further integrate BPM with advanced BI capabilities to develop specific reporting and dashboards to increase visibility on process efficiency across the entire management team.