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Digitize your processes in 2020 with the Process Drivers Club

Tuesday, 13 October, 2020
5pm CEST

Business teams are demanding it, management is insisting on it, and you and the IT team already just know it - now is the time to digitize and automate processes for your company.

Should you start with just a part of a process? A full end-to-end process? With which tools? BPM, RPA, case management? Process modeling seems complicated; processes are unclear, no one really knows where they start, where they end, or where they are at. Or they are incredibly complex, with data scattered across your systems, new and legacy both.

Help is at hand! Join Bruno Citti from the Process Drivers Club (Club des Pilotes de Processus) on October 13th. He’ll explain how to “think process,” adopt the right mindset, and implement a process automation and digitization project from scratch.