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Our Polish Partner Horus is sponsoring the BPM Trends in Warsaw

Thursday, 29 November, 2018 | 1:00 pm CET
Location: Warsaw
Language: English
We are proud to announce that Tomasz Bykowski - Marketing Manager at Horus will be a speaker at the BPM Trends on Thursday, 29th November. 

About BPM Trends:

The conference will present trends, innovations and current strategies in the field of business process modeling. Technology leaders will address the technical and application aspects of creating and developing the BPM environment in the enterprise. The efficient and effective architecture of the BPM environment is becoming the key element of economic development and a key factor for achieving significant market benefits. Knowledge of BPM topics will help you make the right decisions and actions in the future, improve the flow of information, or quickly identify organizational problems.

About Horus Talk (2018.11.29 - 11.40 am) : “How a company could become a software editor by digitizing its processes?”

In this session learn what are common mistakes you should avoid in the application development. Tomasz Bykowski will talk about RPA, AI and BPM and show you how a company can become a software editor by using a low-code platform. 

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About Horus : 

Horus develops and implements business process management software (Workflow / BPM / CRM) supporting management, sales (customer reach and acquisition), customer service (product delivery, post-sales and order management) and operations (identity management and logistics) for the largest businesses in Poland.