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Bonita 7.6: process-based applications to drive digital transformation

December 08, 2017

The latest version of Bonita, version 7.6, is now available for download!

With this release also comes the opportunity to obtain Bonita Continuous Delivery, a brand-new add-on to the platform that permits provisioning of a Bonita platform in few minutes. With it you can automate deployment of a new Bonita platform. This add-on manages repetitive tasks, leaving DevOps only a few settings to tune...and it’s compatible with both on-premises and AWS, with whom we have a new technology partnership.

In the platform itself we’ve improved - among other things - the performance of user forms and pages - with display up to 8 times faster than before, and faster navigation between pages, your users won’t be waiting impatiently!

And for developers - upgrading from an earlier version of Bonita Studio is easier than ever. The ability to fully create a Living Application directly in Bonita Studio brings a new level of application industrialization.

Bonita’s out-of-the-box features for low-code development, and out-of-the-box tooling for customization, offers an unbeatable mix for application development.

Join us for a webinar to see what’s new in Bonita 7.6.

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