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Aegis Identity Software

A customized and scalable solution for identity management at universities


Aegis Identity

Aegis Identity Software was formally announced as a Higher Education Identity Software Platform Company in October 2011 at the National EDUCAUSE Conference. Aegis Identity Software has multiple goals: 

  • to provide contemporary Identity Management Solutions, 
  • align with open source Identity Management Technologies (such as Shibboleth, CAS, Grouper)
  • using the EDUCAUSE model of “collaborative sourcing” to deploy IdM solutions quickly, and without incurring a large professional service expense to the institution.


Serve the identity management needs of universities with more than 40,000 students

Build a versatile solution that handles workflow in a multistage process

Allow students to have continuous access to the university emailing system

Meet compliance and privacy issues while providing information access in a complex environment of students, administrators, alumni, teachers, and contractors

The higher education IT environment is increasing in complexity with a mix of physical,virtual and cloud environments, further complicating the privacy and access balance



Aegis Identity Software deployed its TridentHE™ solution, backed by Bonita, in
two major U.S. universities, providing customized workflows for a series of identity management functions.

They were able to deploy their solution quickly to education markets, and it has helped education customers themselves automate tasks in a streamlined, cost-effective way.

Aegis Identity Software now has one generic workflow that works for every task in the education market 90 percent of the time. For the remaining 10 percent, Bonita allows them to customize for each tool according to that school’s needs.

Two schools automated three processes; an account claim process for initial password reset by all new students, a password reset process when a student loses their password, and a delegated administration process which contains an ongoing workflow when a student needs to modify their security or contact information.

Though the three processes were the same for both schools, the individual workflow steps were quite different. Both schools realized benefits through the creation of an automated workflow for their password reset functions.



Bonita simplifies and automates high demand processes.

"Higher educational institutions are seeking to be autonomous after their software deployments. Unlike proprietary software, Bonita allows staff members at these schools to be less reliant on a professional services organization…and be flexible in adapting to the dynamic changes in their infrastructure and complex organizational needs."
Janet Yarbrough - Director of Business Development and Channel Management, Aegis Identity Software, Inc.


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"Bonita has a considerably better user interface than most BPM tools out there, and it’s definitely better than workflow packages that are prepackaged with more expensive identity management systems.
It has a much more mature product feel than other solutions we considered. We gave this a thorough technical evaluation and it performed admirably."

Douglas Green
Senior Software Engineer , Aegis Identity Software