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Arnsbo Media

Improving labor-to-revenue ratio and audit complex processes with Bonita 


Arnsbo Media

Founded in 1997, Arnsbo Media primarily produced radio commercials and sound for tv commercials, but the product portfolio was soon expanded to other areas such as multimedia productions, audio branding, sound logos ... In the beginning of the new millennium Arnsbo Media became a portfolio company, where several offspring companies were created and other were acquired. Today Arnsbo Media has a portfolio of companies offering global tech, marketing and media solutions. They serve more than 4.000 customers in 118 countries.

Arnsbo Media objectives

 Arnsbo Media talent database includes more than 1,300 voice-over professionals providing more than 70 languages  - with new languages and voice talents added on a regular basis. Their voice-overs are being used in TV, cinema commercials, product videos, elearning, gaming, navigation, audiobooks, and more.

To be able to deliver great value to existing clients and grow their business at the same time, they decided to adopt a powerful and flexible business process management solution to ensure operational efficiency and the highest levels of customer service.

The choice


"We selected Bonita because we wanted to improve our labor to revenue ratio and ensure that our workflows and processes are fully auditable.

Bonitasoft understands the challenges of an industry that needs to create, syndicate, host and stream large volumes of professional video for sharing on multiple platforms and devices."

Soren Arnsbo, CIO and founder


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"Bonitasoft was really attentive to our business needs, they adapted their proposition to our specific challenges, which made a decisive difference when selecting a BPM partner."

Søren Arnsbo, CIO and Founder