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Leading insurance company

Automating Critical Customer Response Processes

With their company wide goal of becoming paperless by 2014, a leading insurance holding company is automating four of their critical business processes.

The company chose to start small by targeting several basic projects, such as automating their customer service response process. This process begins when a customer completes an electronic fund request form. Bonita is integrated into an image scanning system and takes the request and routes it to the appropriate claims processor. Hundreds of similar scanned requests are received daily and routed to the appropriate customer service claims processor via complex business rules built into Bonita's Java based engine.

Once a process is fully mapped, the focus shifts to making the process paperless through an automated online service built in Bonita. Furthermore, the company has incorporated BPM into their agile methodologies, allowing them to adapt or change processes quickly when needed. The company has plans to automate several other challenging and manual processes, including their procurement process and their standard insurance claim processing. For more information on how this company is using Bonita and their plans to automate other complex processes, read the case study, BPM for the Insurance Industry: Automating Customer Response Processes and More.