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From Proof-Of-Concept To Deployment In Just 12 Weeks

A leading research and teaching institution deployed Bonita to automate their grant payment process for their faculty and staff. The university initially contacted Bonitasoft’s partner, Vivantech, who advises on software implementations for institutions of higher learning, for advice on choosing a solution that would be flexible connecting to existing backend systems, would be cost effective, and could also be deployed in a matter of months.

Bonita was chosen to automate the school’s manual process of grant allocation and payments to their faculty and staff members. Before deploying Bonita, the process was completed manually using a calculator to determine the percentage of grants allocated to each faculty and staff member. After connecting to the school’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and financial backend systems, Bonita’s complex business rules completely automated the payment process.

For more information on this education institution’s use of Bonita and the results they have achieved, read the case study, BPM in University Research and Education: Proof-of-Concept to Deployment in Just 12 Weeks.