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Marine agency

A marine agency is using Bonita BPM for a multi-year project to outsource the complex deployment of a large number of its coastal buoys to private contractors. The marine agency is working with Bonitasoft's partner, Heerbod Etemadi of Heerbod Corporation. The agency developed a detailed institutional knowledge about every facet of the operation. But much of this knowledge – of systems themselves and processes their personnel have followed for decades – was not well documented.

To make this transition possible, Heerbod helped the agency document the detailed processes that addressed their operational functions as well as every facet of the complex hand-off itself.

There are over 300 buoys of various sizes and in various locations, and the agency has a complex and scattered set of information systems to manage and track the buoys. Heerbod and the coast guard turned to Bonita BPM 6 to connect and integrate these many information systems within the overall management process.

With a documented, integrated BPM process in place, the coast guard can expect more transparency during the commissioning and decommissioning process for their buoys. Employees will be better able to see, for example, which state of the commissioning process any particular buoy is in. This higher level of visibility will allow them to better report to higher management and identify areas of problems, consequently allowing them to easily alter operations when needed.

For more information, read the case study, Outsourcing a Complex Process Heavily Based on Institutional Knowledge.