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Efficient services for fixed line, mobile and Internet with Bonita



The MásMóvil Group began in 1997 and has grown rapidly as a telecommunications operator, continuing to expand services through acquisitions. Its goal is to have the most competitive offer in the market, both in terms of price and quality of service, thus ensuring high customer satisfaction.

The MásMóvil Group is one of the largest telecommunications operators in Spain, offering fixed telephony, mobile and Internet services to residential customers, companies and operators. The Group has more than 5 million customers.

Bonita implementation at MásMóvil

Before implementing Bonita the situation was rather chaotic, as there were different processes to do the same things and interactions with many different systems was necessary. Some inefficient processes were causing delay in time-to-market, which is a critical aspect of the telecommunications market.

Bonita was used to unify project processes and make it easier to define and implement them. And once they are implemented, it is also much easier to improve, modify and maintain them.


  • Reduced time time-to-market 
  • Greater flexibility in new development and implementation
  • Better response to the needs of the client.
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Mario Rascón, manager of the MásMóvil development and project management team, explains some of the details of the Bonita process.

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Optare Solutions

Optare Solutions was founded in 2002 with the objective of providing technical consultancy for the provision of complex services in an emerging operator of the Spanish market. Today it has more than 11 years of experience in the telecommunications sector, with wide success in high-quality projects, consulting and training.

MásMóvil chose to use the expertise of this Bonitasoft partner, which gave them greater agility and speed in implementation even though they did not have direct experience with either Bonita or BPM.

Video player iconXosé Ramon Sousa, senior architect at Optare Solutions, talks about the Bonita project at Másmóvil.
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"We would like to continue working with Bonita in the development of new business processes, such as sales service processes. Or even extend them to support daily operating processes within each of the business units."

Mario Rascón, project development and project management team manager, MásMóvil