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National procurement institution

Automating Six Processes In Six Months

A national institute responsible for procurement has deployed Bonita BPM to automate several of their core administrative processes for their employees. The institution contacted Bonitasoft's partner, BMLaurus, which focuses on technology management. The institution needed a BPM tool that would free up some of the time their staff was currently spending on administration. With thousands of acquisition processes, their goal was simple: reduce the amount of time spent on paperwork, and identify and remove bottlenecks in their processes.

Automated processes include Human Resources processes for vacation time requests, reimbursement and travel requests, import management for when a good or service is not manufactured locally, and incident management for reporting issues with their public acquisition software. Using Bonita BPM, the institution has reduced the amount of paper involved in processes and many of the employees are better able to devote time to other responsibilities. Since it deployed the application in January 2012, each of institution's 300 employees have used Bonita BPM to request, approve, or manage a particular process.

For more information on this education institution’s use of Bonita BPM and the results they have achieved, read the case study, Six Processes, Six Months: Automating National Procurement Administrative Processes.