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Digital Transformation

Embrace digital technologies and leverage the Bonita digital transformation platform to improve customer experience, operational efficiency & agility, and drive more innovation with your products and services.

Digital transformation for better operations and strategic business differentiation

Digital transformation is about changing current means of doing business through digitalized, electronic, on-line tools. Using digital, process-based applications to do things better leads to operational excellence.

And using digital tools and applications across the enterprise to do business differently - to enable innovation and creativity - leads to strategic advantage. When digital transformation tools are applied to the long-term vision and creativity of the enterprise, digital transformation becomes strategic.

One solution, two ways to drive digital transformation

The Bonita BPM software, as part of an overall Digital Business Platform, supports business transformation in 2 ways:

1. Operational focus: use process-based business applications to do do what you were doing before, but faster, cheaper, more efficiently.

2. Strategic focus: develop applications to take your strategic vision and make it operational. Both approaches can help you to build sales, strengthen customer connections, cut costs, and outpace the competition. This e-book explains how.


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Speed, Insight, Agility:
Three mandatory platform capabilities for today's digital world

Neil Ward-Dutton of MWD Advisors outlines some of the key issues executives face in their digital transformation responsibilities across the enterprise.

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The Bonita difference: business process management (BPM) based platform advantages

The Bonita digital transformation platform offers a natural extension of BPM capabilities. It delivers a unique advantage to create better user experiences for customers and employees: state-of-the-art user interfaces are seamlessly integrated with streamlined backend information systems and operational processes.

Digital business platform white paper

Read how Bonita is well positioned to help innovative teams deliver on digital transformation initiatives

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Bonita BPM's Strengths as a Digital Business Platform

"Bonitasoft's Bonita digital business platform (DBP), brings capabilities that allow for experimentation and incremental development of digital capabilities quickly while leveraging instant feedback on the resulting living digital system".

Jim Sinur, Analyst

Your digital transformation is unique.

  • Integrate your unique combination of customer and employee user experience needs, information systems, and business operations.

  • Customize without full-on custom application development.

  • Modify, personalize, and customize applications with low code, out-of-the-box features and open extension points.

Bonita unique digital transformation

Build sophisticated, engaging applications

A great user experience starts with responsive user interfaces that work on any device. It continues with smooth interactions with employees and business information systems, fully integrated through the backend workflow.

Provide a satisfying user experience for both customers and employees.

Innovate & transform business with new products and services

  • Continuously refine, rethink, improve, digitize, and create new enterprise applications

  • Use rapid, agile development to try new ideas and improve quickly

  • React fast to changes in business & technical environments

  • Support innovators who like to deliver fast and improve continuously

“Bonita implementations are typically quicker than those of more complex iBPMS offerings.”


innovation development team
Ideal for technical teams

Ideal for today's technical teams

  • Leverage diverse skills, approaches, and experience.

  • Keep the way you already develop, test and deploy.

  • Plug into the tools that you are using now on a day-to-day basis.

  • Give technical teams choices with graphical tooling, multiple extension points, low code and out-of-the-box frameworks.

"In our experience, successful large organizations think more and more about end-to-end transformations that focus on internal customers--their employees--as well as external ones, to gain a durable competitive edge."



Bristol-Myers Squibb

"IT helped to digitalize our processes with Bonita, making it simpler and faster, while significantly improving the end user experience."

BMS process owner

Strategic digital transformation with Bonita

Executive management at this pharmaceutical research company set a strategic objective to emphasize research in some specific areas with international partner. One objective consistent with the overall strategic vision was to first optimize processes, then leverage the results across the organization.

Read more about this strategic digital transformation project.

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