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Digital transformation “insures” high-quality user experience at Alptis insurance

22 Aug 2017 - Mickey Farrance

Alptis needed to do the following, through a digital transformation project.

  • Extend the existing information system (IS) to be able to respond to new challenges:
    • faster time-to-market
    • accommodate multi-channel access (via phone, e-mail, chat, post, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter)
  • Transform existing critical processes into service-oriented applications
  • Integrate the insurance broker partners’ enrollments with Alptis’ own information systems
  • Provide end users – customers and broker partners -  with a consistent, smooth, and transparent experience, both for sales and after-sales service

Alptis developed 6 process-based applications on the Bonita application platform.

  1. External Enrollments: Brokers can offer health insurance contracts and enrollments online, with no paper needed.
  2. Business Activities: Appropriately distributes customer requests from any input channel (e-mail, telephone, post, web form and mobile) and handles them with real time tracking.
  3. Individual Enrollments: Subscribes customers from end to end without paper. Customers can follow progress via a dedicated space.
  4. Group Enrollments: Manages both company and employee enrollment.
  5. Claims management: Follow-up of claims from the initial declaration through payment.
  6. Claims management: registration and follow-up of customer complaints, with traceability to meet regulatory requirements.

With these applications in production, Alptis now has:

  • Improved performance at all levels of activity: deadlines, management of resources, compliance with regulations, monitoring
  • Better security in processes
  • User-friendly user interfaces which hide the complex interactions among the elements of the information systems
  • Easier to deploy changes and new processes to respond to business innovations
  • Greater fluidity and consistency in the exchange and sharing of information, to enrich customer knowledge, make work easier for employees and improve customer service
Download the case study for more details.