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Dorel Juvenile Europe optimizes its product-to-market process

02 Jun 2016 - Mickey Farrance

Dorel Juvenile Europe chose Bonitasoft’s Bonita BPM business process management platform to streamline and optimize the end-to-end creation of its products, from the decision to market a product until it is put on the shelf.

Despite the complexity of the process, given the large number of relevant departments, the Bonita BPM platform has been successfully deployed across the enterprise at European level.

In addition to productivity gains, to be measured over the long term as time saved in the “Time to Market” phase, the establishment of Bonita BPM in the information system of Dorel Juvenile Europe provides a management layer that did not exist before. With dashboards, decision making is easier and it provides a better view of the bottlenecks and the time needed for each part of the process.

"The organization of our process for creating products was complex, involving many business units. Bonitasoft accompanied us to effectively address this major challenge for the company."


"Our organization workflows need to be well managed because with so many stakeholders to fuel our information systems, the risk of data entry errors, of missing information and transmission slowdowns is quite high."


"The Bonita BPM platform is very reliable and easy to use. It has enabled us to greatly increase efficiency and productivity"

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