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EnerNOC: Digital transformation & energy intelligence

02 Aug 2016 - Mickey Farrance

EnerNOC, a leading provider of cloud‐based energy intelligence software (EIS) and services to thousands of enterprise customers and utilities globally uses an automated BPM-base process to help make curtailment process run smoothly and efficiently. This customer story explains how.

"With our old human-intensive operation errors were creeping in because people were relying on private timers, clicking on the wrong button, dispatching the wrong company, etc. In a worst case, say there wasn’t a dispatch and we dispatched 800 providers for two hours – we would probably be out millions of dollars. There’s a lot of money riding on this, and BPM is helping to keep everything in synch."


"In the nonretail space, peak usage in a month is a multiplier for your monthly bill, so if you hit a new peak your whole monthly bill just went up by quite a bit. We are able to predict and tell you in dollars what you could avoid if you don’t go over peak. The focus is on how much you’re spending instead of how much energy you’re using because money talks."


"We’ve tested about 1,000 simultaneous workflows, where each one is an individually created workflow instance and we have some very significant performance needs for each step, and it’s done very well."


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