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EnerNOC powers up Bonita BPM to automate a core business process

24 Mar 2015 - Mickey Farrance

Companies that want to get a better handle on energy usage turn to EnerNOC, a Boston-based firm that developed what it calls energy intelligence software. While EnerNOC sells EIS for corporate internal use, it also uses the software to drive a service called demand response which enables companies to curtail usage for rewards from energy suppliers. Network World Editor in Chief John Dix recently visited Chief Architect Per Gyllstrom to find out more about EnerNOC's energy management tools, and how it is using business process management (BPM) to orchestrate its complex demand response business.

Bonitasoft says its tool is easy to use. Is that what you found?

Yes, it is very easy to use. It’s like you’re doing a drawing and then all of a sudden you can run it, which is really cool. You can put an application together very, very quickly. However, as easy as that is, it’s part of our development tool suite so the output has to be fully tested.


And it scales well?

We’ve tested about 1,000 simultaneous workflows, where each one is an individually created workflow instance and we have some very significant performance needs for each step, and it’s done very well. I would imagine that before you brought this in there was a temptation to build some kind of homegrown approach? Yes. In fact, we started with a bit of a home-grown piece. In a fast-growing young company you end up building your own because you can’t afford to get anything else. But we can now afford to do better. We shouldn’t be in the business of building a business process modeling tool.

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