Verallia: 16 processes in 5 languages across 8 countries

"It's less expensive to develop business process with Bonita BPM than to develop workflows in SAP or Salesforce." - Gilles Godart, Digital IT Manager, Verallia

30 Sep 2016 - Mickey Farrance

A new set of business applications was needed in subsidiary / branches in 8 different countries in Europe and Latin America, with users needing access via iPhone, iPad, and desktop & laptop devices. Further, the applications needed to interface with SAP, Salesforce, PDH (Osisoft), QlikView, and Talend ESB. See how Verallia implemented their BPM applications in this customer story.

"The modeling tool is very easy to use. It took me less than 20 minutes to create and deploy my first application."


"We paid close attention to the user interface, as it is important that our users adopt the applications easily on whatever device they usually use."

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