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Bonita & Bonitasoft

Bonitasoft introduces demo version of BonitaCloud platform

July 08, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO – July 8, 2014 – Bonitasoft, provider of the most-downloaded business process management (BPM) solution in the world, today announced the availability of BonitaCloudαlpha – a fully hosted, cloud enabled version of Bonita BPM Community Edition, the open source edition of its award-winning BPM software. The release of BonitaCloudαlpha is the latest example of Bonitasoft’s efforts to democratize BPM technology so process owners at all levels in an organization can take greater control over improving operational performance.

With this first release of the BonitaCloud platform, Bonita BPM developers who have relied exclusively on on-premise deployments now have the option of testing and running process-driven business applications in the cloud. The BonitaCloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) will ultimately give developers more flexibility to build and run their applications quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively in any environment they choose. For many Bonita BPM users, BonitaCloudαlpha is the first step toward a fully cloud-deployed set of business processes.

“Bonitasoft’s primary goal is to democratize BPM – to make it available to more organizations and more users within multiple formats,” said Miguel Valdes Faura, CEO and co-founder of Bonitasoft. “The introduction of the alpha version of BonitaCloud advances this concept, providing developers worldwide the option of extending their process applications to the cloud.”

The move also reaffirms Bonitasoft’s ongoing commitment to open source.

The best input and feedback to improve its high-quality BPM suite has come from real users,” continues Valdes Faura. “We look forward to leveraging that feedback to make BonitaCloud the best cloud-enabled process-building platform on the market.”

Bonitasoft engineers – who have spent the past 6 months setting up the cloud infrastructure and preparing BonitaCloudαlpha – are already on-call for any needed technical support.

The release of BonitaCloudαlpha follows Bonitasoft’s recent introduction of Bonita BPM 6.3, the latest innovation in its flagship BPM product suite, giving IT professionals a more advanced set of tools to quickly develop and integrate process-driven business applications and new flexibility for end-user interfaces.

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Bonitasoft democratizes business process management (BPM) by bringing a flexible yet powerful BPM suite to organizations of all sizes and industries. Bonitasoft and its open source community deliver an unmatched ecosystem of connectors for nearly any application and/or system. With Bonitasoft, organizations can model, automate, and optimize process workflows in Finance, Human Resources, Marketing & Sales, Supply Chain, E-Government, and more. As the world’s fastest-growing BPM provider, Bonitasoft has more than 2.75M downloads, 975 customers and a community of more than 60,000 contributors.

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