Digital transformation results in added value for Coreso's customers

06 Jun 2017 - Mickey Farrance

Coreso realizes the value of true digital transformation by finding new ways to add value for its customers

Bonitasoft partner Aprico took on a major digital transformation project with Coreso, a Belgian agency repsonible for maintaining optimal security of high-voltage electricity power supply across a wide geographical region by providing an overview of regional electricity flows.

Bonitasoft CEO Miguel Valdes Faura recounts the story of Coreso, from independently developed data models for expert analyses, with non-standard applications in spreadsheets and on multiple platforms -- to  automated data-gathering and an industrialized decision process that enables Coreso engineers  to collect data faster - in less than 20 minutes instead of two hours.

And as the overall time to execute its processes is reduced, operators are able to perform additional and more complex analyses. This allows the agency to provide more valuable services for its final customers - offering more complex analyses using about 10 times more data. One report, for example, now contains a new critical sensitivity analysis.

And here lies the value of true digital transformation - not just moving from manual to automated or paper-based to paperless; Coreso found new ways to add value for its customers.

See the entire article, published in Utility Products, here.