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Intelligent Continuous Improvement earns OW2con'18 Innovation award

15 Jun 2018 - Mickey Farrance

OW2con'18 Best Project Innovation Award goes to Bonita 7.7 with Intelligent Continuous Improvement

Bonita 7.7 won the OW2con'18 Best Project Innovation Award

"...achieving its goal to become a solid foundation for the Digital Business Platform after three years reinventing itself with a multi-layer architecture. This change allows independent, collaborative development and continuous delivery of custom applications, enabling highly customized user interfaces. 

The particular innovation delivered with Bonita 7.7 is Intelligent Continuous Improvement: a unique process mining approach to machine learning to assist managers to make key decisions to avoid possible process bottlenecks. In addition to real-time predictions, ICI also offers historical data exposure through ElasticSearch, to build comprehensive reports and dashboards for Business Activity Monitoring."

We're proud to be named by OW2 as an open source innovator! Kudos to our R&D team for the release of this brand-new add-on, which is already garnering recognition!

For more information about teh 2018 OW2con awards, see the press release.

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