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7 signs your leave management leaves room for improvement

Don’t let lost leave requests, poor reporting on absences, or lack of clarity leave you with holes in your workforce and problems to resolve. If you see any of these 7 signs in your leave management process...see how implementing BPM can help.

1. It’s 10 am and the person you’re looking for isn’t in yet…

missed wake-up alarm or planned absence?

You don’t know who is gone, or how long they’ll be out. Who’s in and who’s out seems to change every day...and you’re not sure if HR knows what’s up either. Managing planned employee absences with BPM gives you an overview at any time of who is off on planned leave. You’ll no longer be surprised by staff absences.


2. It’s your responsibility to approve leave requests…

…but how do you know when it’s ok to sign off?

As a group lead, you have the responsibility to approve your employees’ requests for vacation, holiday, parental leave, comp time off, etc. But when you do not have a clear vision of what kind of leave, and how much leave, each employee is entitled to, and how their absence affects work schedules, you are relying on luck and memory to approve – or reject ‐‐  a request that could affect your company operationally or even legally.


3. Approved requests are sent to Human Resources and payroll…

…by, um, whom?

You’ve signed off on a leave request. It’s the employee’s responsibility to send it to payroll. Or the department administrator’s. Or is it yours? Where is that paper anyway? Have you made a copy, or just signed it and handed it back? Where is that copy anyway? Who’s got time to keep track of all of this? It’s the employee’s responsibility to make sure HR gets the request, isn’t it? Or the admin’s? Isn’t it?


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