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August 26, 2021
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TechChat #2: REST API Extensions, when and how to use them?

Best Practices for 360 deg Customer Support

Increased use of mobile and social platforms, new consumer behaviors, and evolution of information systems all impact daily management of customer support.

Use BPM with these best practices to put multichannel support into place.


1. Listen to your customers – on the channels they use

Your customers may try to contact you for support via many channels. Beyond the use of conventional mail, e‐ mail, in‐store service or phone calls, a growing number of customers are turning to social networks and multiplying sources of interaction. Pay attention to all active channels and quickly adapt to new ones.


2. Ensure consistent quality through a single process

Whatever communication channel they use, customers expect a response. Adopt a unique, global process to respond to any communication, to ensure consistent quality of service.  


3. Be flexible

Your customers change, your products change, your markets change. Be responsive to your customers’ expectations. Use BPM to implement a fully scalable customer service application.


4. Monitor channels in real time for immediate response

The world is moving too fast to wait for monthly reports. With reporting capabilities integrated into business process management suites such as Bonita BPM, don’t wait for customer complaints to react. Monitor customer chatter about your service or product in real time, and be pro‐active – identify possible problems before they arise.


Read more in the best practices document