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August 26, 2021
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Bonita BPM’s Strengths as a Digital Business Platform

A goodly number of organizations are on a path to incremental transformations of their business to digital. There seems to be a consensus that the user experience is a great place to start. Some organizations are starting with a "Mobile First" approach while others are looking at customer journeys. Still others are looking at end to end processes that usually include value or supply chains. Since there is pressure to get going, decisions are being made on technology bases that might create regret later. While technology should not be the driver, looking at the opportunities and constraints that each type of technology platform brings should be an exercise that organizations should be doing soon.


Bonitasoft’s Bonita BPM, as a digital business platform (DBP), brings capabilities that allow for experimentation and incremental development of digital capabilities quickly while leveraging instant feedback on the resulting living digital system. Let’s drill into some of the details of those digital capabilities outlined in one of my previous blog posts.


How Does Bonitasoft Aid Digital Transformations with Bonita BPM?

Bonita BPM was built and enhanced over time to create living digital systems with personalized interfaces leveraging process and speedy updates of the resulting digital capabilities. Interfaces can be built, customized, altered and tweaked. Processes can be easily changed and optimized to match the shifting needs of customers. Business people get exactly what they want or can change the system to their needs and desires without Herculean efforts to define detailed requirements. Bonita BPM is a true business / developer collaboration tool with fast feedback on the resulting changes.

The power here is that Bonita BPM empowers incremental approaches because it can be modified quickly even in production and leverages power testing that allows for speedy iterations. This is ideal for digital experimentation and rapid development. As business needs and requirements arise the resulting applications, user interfaces and processes can change with great agility and speed.


Process Platform Strengths:

Bonita BPM has a great strength here in that it was designed to follow a process improvement cycle of model, design, execute, measure and adjust. In fact Bonita BPM is ideal for all kinds of rapid development methods and gets to initial benefits early. This helps in funding more digital efforts down the line and helps executives gain confidence in their digital transformation efforts. While Bonita BPM is both a development and deployment platform, like other BPM players, the user experience can be designed and leveraged independently from the business logic. All of this while supporting long running complex cases and having scalable processes running millions of concurrent cases. Bonita BPM has proven itself strong in this area thus making it ideal for process enabled digital efforts.


Analytic and Cognitive Strengths:

Bonita BPM is great on visibility throughout the progress of any one case or process instance. The analytics are quite capable and linked to the living processes and systems. There are strong monitoring and dashboard capabilities for KPI measurement and subsequent decision-making. Imagine watching your digital business operate visually and make adjustments when necessary.


Integration and Development Strengths:

In addition to process, this is Bonita BPM’s biggest area of advantage. It was built with developers of all kinds in mind and has power testing capabilities that gives feedback early to those developers. There is strong support for reusability of form fragments, process snippets and data structures. Integration is also a plus in that Bonita BPM was designed to play well with others. In fact connectors combined with Bonita APIs permit workflow integration with other information systems including existing legacy systems. The process engine can interact with other systems in an overarching way.


Internet of Things (IoT) Strengths:

Bonitasoft can support signals and events, so it should be capable of linking to devices, but it may require some support from an IoT focused set of technologies. Its data handling would be through APIs.


Application Strengths:

Bonitasoft’s strategy for vertical solutions and domain-specific applications is to develop them through partners. An ecosystem has begun to develop through partners with solutions in banking, telecommunications, manufacturing, education and insurance for example.


Net; Net:

If you are looking for a DBP that grows with you that gives you quick start benefits with business professional control, you can’t go wrong with Bonita BPM. Bonitasoft designed a set of capabilities that were meant for incremental transformation and can help the evolution of processes and applications alongside of their customers in their digital journey.


Originally published on 19 April 2016 on Jim Sinur’s blog.