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July 01, 2021
5:00 pm CEST (Paris)
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What’s coming in digital process automation in 2021? Part 3

Miguel Valdés Faura
March 23, 2021

In this 4-part series I'll share my predictions for what's coming in digital process automation, and its effects on work and business, for 2021. In Part 3, I'm optimistic about data

The fog clears as visibility improves: Automation and AI will bring more data

It’s great to see automation making its mark, that companies are seeing the benefits that even small automation fixes can bring. But this of course is not enough.

You can only know what your data tells you

We need to understand what the heck is going on when we install automation. Is it really better? How do you know?

The business needs to understand what is really happening as automation is put into place and becomes the new norm. This means you need to be able to visualize the different steps of the automation, by obtaining and analyzing the data you can get back from the automation that is in place.

Better visibility ahead

So I predict that we’ll see more emphasis on visibility, in the sense of knowing what is actually going on back behind those easy-to-put-in-place automation solutions.

Miguel Valdés Faura

Miguel Valdés Faura

Miguel Valdes Faura is the CEO and co-founder of Bonitasoft, a global provider of BPM, low-code and digital transformation solutions. He leads the charge for Bonitasoft’s mission: help innovative companies worldwide reinvent, automate and gain deep visibility into their business processes.

Miguel is a recognized thought leader in the BPM/DPA fields and is passionate about open source community building. He is a regular speaker at international conferences such as O’Reilly, Global Expansion Summit, and WebSummit and has also been featured in major publications such Forbes, CNN and Mashable. Miguel received one of the prestigious CEO World Awards in 2019.

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