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AgileGBS has been built to assess, design, and implement efficient and effective transformations in international companies.

The company capitalizes on its partner, manager and expert experience to establish robust diagnostics, based on qualitative and quantitative assessments to define performance stakes and engage projects to deliver outcomes such as revenue growth, SG&A service to costs optimizations, and working capital improvements.

AgileGBS Management team and partners offer best practices through international projects, benchmarking and professional associations where they exercise strategic vision as well as operational solutions.

What AgileGBS offers

AgileGBS implements transformation from design to execution: governance and performance monitoring, data and process enhancements, talent and technology management, shared services operations, continuous improvement and innovation.

Their expertise: 

• Diagnose and monitor SG&A performance
• Optimize sales business model for profitable growth
• Govern SG&A transformation journey
• Design & roll out data & process projects
• Design & implement new service delivery models
• Integrate agility into the company DNA
• Assess & enhance working capital performance

AgileGBS & Bonita - digital transformation at Leon Grosse


Leon Grosse

Since 2015, the company has been committed to an Ambition 2020 strategic plan, which aims to adapt its organization and processes to current and future business challenges in the sector, placing innovation and the digital transition at the heart of its business transformation project.

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Panel Discussion: Impacts of Covid-19 on operational processes

Evaluate the challenges related to digitization and initiate projects to improve performance and employee and customer satisfaction. (Video in French)

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