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Amigolog is a specialist in project management, working with your partners or as an integrator. Their teams know how to bring the right expertise or the right solution to their clients' real needs: cloud solutions, "customized" and personalized solutions or specific developments of quality at the right cost.

What Amigolog offers with Bonita

Amigolog has deep areas of expertise as an integrator:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM / CRM)
  • Call Center / Contact Center
  • Business Process Management (BPM),
  • xRM (eXtended CRM)


Amigolog offers solutions for  

  • CTI connectors between call centers and CRM solutions
  • Cloud solutions (xRM, BPM)
  • Solutions Based on C ++ / Java or derived technologies.  


Amigolog provides access to Bonita on the cloud.

Amigolog accompanies clients along the various phases of BPM projects, from the census of business processes to deployment with Bonitasoft solutions, or simply to deploy your Bonita processes in the cloud.

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