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MathCraft Security Technologies believes in empowering its clients with knowledge and know-how, allowing for quick and accurate training that turns any employee that uses our support system into a security professional.

Their values of security, simplicity and superior customer support have helped make MathCraft Security Technologies a trusted partner with the Industrial Security community in government and corporate organizations.

MathCraft Security Technologies is founded to provide solutions to government and corporate clients to improve their security in all forms and functions. They want to eliminate the inefficiencies with integrated streamlined software solutions that help businesses minimize risk, save time, money and increase productivity. They are committed to products that customers can rely on for fast, efficient, and user-friendly security support.

What Mathcraft offers

AiM develops and published its own business solutions and integrates the solutions of its technological partners. AiM supports its customers in choosing the solution that best meets their needs and ensures the success of integration projects.

As an integrator, they offer support in multiple project phases and types:

  • Audit & Consulting, Choice of solution as project management assistance (AMOA)
  • Software Architecture, Industrialization and Development Guides
  • Custom design and realization (Html5 / CSS3, Java, Javascript, TypeScript, C #) as project management assistant (AMOE) Integration & team training
  • Support, Maintenance & upgrade

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