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MGT Conseils

MGT Conseils is a consulting and training firm specializing in Business Performance Improvement. Present in France and in West Africa (Ivory Coast and Benin), their team of expert consultants can intervene as needed in your projects, as consultants, MOA or AMOA, MOE and trainers.

MGT Conseils offer with Bonita

MGT Conseils has 4 major areas of expertise:

  • Big Data
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Process Management
  • Project Management

With regard to BPM, their support is based on 5 steps: process modeling, automation, process management, optimization of processes and costs, and team training.

"MGT Conseils facilitates your transformation towards digital and accompanies you in automating your management processes. You gain efficiency, improve traceability, streamline information, reduce deadlines. You speed up decision-making. Their clients are satisfied."

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